Thank you so much for your participation and support of our grant with the Free Clinic of the New River Valley for the expansion of oral health care services in rural Southwest Virginia.

Dr. Michael VanLue, Radford University, Radford, VA

We have now had a few months to use many of the DENTAL WIZARD tutorials in our practice. Patient response has been wonderful! The tutorials explain dental concepts that we as dental professionals take for granted, in a very clear, concise manner. We have asked patients after viewing the tutorials whether they were helpful. The response has always been positive.

Before purchasing the DENTAL WIZARD, we looked at a number of other video tutorial packages. Although most of the competing packages offered wonderful graphics, without exception they went into far too much detail. By keeping the concepts more general, we can use the DENTAL WIZARD without having to explain afterward to the patient why our protocol is slightly different than the one outlined in the tutorial.

The DENTAL WIZARD has provided our practice with another modality for educating our patients. Certainly, a patient who better understands the planned dentistry is far more likely to proceed on the proposed treatment plan.

Dr. Joseph M. Behrman, Macedon, NY

We purchased the DENTAL WIZARD several months ago and have found it to be an invaluable addition to the practice. We looked at other systems, some of which run across the computer network, and found that we like the direct, easy way that the DENTAL WIZARD operates.

We know our staff is using it regularly because it is quick and simple to pick a selection on the DVD and play it. Also, we found the graphics to be more current compared to some of the dated material found on other systems.

We really do like your product for its ease and simplicity.

Dr. Kirk A. Kimmerling, Marietta, GA

The DENTAL WIZARD is the best patient education tool to be offered to me since I started working in the dental field 20 years ago. The graphics are fantastic and the terminology is straight-forward and easily understood.

Our patients like the DENTAL WIZARD so much that after they've viewed the prescribed procedure, they check out other topics on the DVD. And I've noticed that patients are accepting treatments more often since we brought the DENTAL WIZARD into our practice.

Once again I am excited about dentistry! Thank you for this great product. I just love it!

Angel Potter, Treatment Coordinator for
Dr. Mark S. Frey, Santa Rosa, CA

I appreciated your interest in shipping the order of my DVD so quickly. I received it yesterday and I tried it with the pleasure to have a clear and simple way to explain to my patients in Panama the different treatments and education items in the DVD.

Dr. Bolivar Franco, Colón, Panama

A year ago I upgraded my office computers and installed television/computer monitors at every operatory; this was done to prepare for digital radiography. Every station now has a computer terminal and hard drives equipped with DVD players. At that time, I began searching online for patient education DVDs.

When I came across your product demos online, they exceeded my expectations. There are, of course, several other products available, but I think your product is exceptionally well done (and I love the woman's voice who narrates; I find her voice very calm and soothing!).

The computer-generated images are superb, and the scripted narrations are carefully thought out with language that is not intimidating to patients.

Thanks for a great product.

Dr. H. E. Henry, Weirton, WV

We've used the DENTAL WIZARD DVD for a year or so in the reception area.

Recently, we went digital in the operatories, making it so convenient to use the DVD to teach patients in the chair either to answer questions about treatment options or to encourage better home care. We have monitors on flexible arms that place the display in front of the patient and they seem to really enjoy it.

We are an implant-restorative practice and the DENTAL WIZARD is especially helpful in demonstrating these relatively new treatment options to patients who do not yet understand them.

Dr. Robert Baird, Bullhead City, AZ

Because the DENTAL WIZARD is in Spanish as well as English, we feel confident that our Spanish-speaking patients have been given all of the information needed to make a well-informed decision regarding the treatment.

In the past, treating patients who could not speak English was very difficult even with an interpreter because we couldn't be sure that all of the information we wanted to relay to the patient was accurate or as detailed as we would want.

The DENTAL WIZARD has given our office peace of mind just knowing we are able to fully inform our patients of their dental and procedural needs.

Mrs. Brenda S. Dick, Office Manager
for Dr. Wallace H. Dick, Keizer, OR