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Is your practice as financially successful as you'd like it to be?

Here's a simple, effective, affordable and multi-use tool. It's not only "patient education" — its other job is to help you help your patient aboard the treatment plan you created for him.

When you describe to your patient why he needs a crown and what you'll be doing in his mouth to create that crown, do you draw on the back of the tray paper?

Does your patient squint and say,

"Is that the new X-Man?"


There's an easier way.

Just tell the patient what you'd like to do and why, then say:

"I'd like you to take a look at this video on the procedure.  It's just a few minutes long, it's 3D animated with a voiceover.  After you watch it, I'll answer any follow-up questions you have."

In just a few minutes,
your patient's ABOARD!

The DVD-R has a loop button so you can play it continuously in your reception area until your front office staff can lip synch it.  They'll love it, too.

Have a Practice Server? We're also offering a generous Anniversary Special for this version.

You'll want the Web-link on your practice web site to encourage future patients to become current patients, and to show family members why Dad needs that crown or implant.

Have Internet connectivity in your operatories? The Web-link Subscription can be less than 10 cents per patient viewing. What else can you buy for 10 cents that will improve your bottom line?

Click here for more information.

You'll be glad you did.